Twyn 1.5 Available

Release 1.5 brings several updates including interactive clipping and annotations in the AR view, as well as an improved UI in Twyn Studio that makes working more intuitive and faster.

VisionLib Release 2.3.0

VisionLib 2.3 comes with strong improvements when combining Model Tracking and SLAM and is all about better and more stable augmentation results. And, the improved URP support lets AR projects appear in a new visual quality.

Twyn 1.3 Released

Release 1.3 of Twyn Studio and View are now available. The new version brings many improvements and also new features. Read here about all highlights.

VisionLib Release 2.2.0

Release 2.2.0 is a maintenance release introducing improvements to the performance of internal image processing, several bug fixes & enhancements and updates to external dependencies to remove known vulnerabilities.

As usual, VisionLib comes with enterprise-grade model tracking, multi object-tracking, ARFoundation integration, TextureColorMode and so much more.

VisionLib Release 2.1.0

Release 2.1 introduces Texture Color Model Tracking, which enables to improve the Line Model with Edges extracted from Textures. Multi Model Tracking and ARFoundation Support got updates, too.

VisionLib Release 2.0.0

VisionLib’s Developer Update is now available and truly a major update to the core API, targeting easier development. It comes with interface improvements, prepares for distribution with Unity’s built-in Package Manager, and brings a new versioning: Hello VisionLib 2.0.0.

VisionLib Release 20.10.1

VisionLib 20.10.1 is now available. It brings ARFoundation support, updates to the VLTrackingConfiguration component, all new Plane Constrained Mode and support for industrial uEye cameras.

VisionLib Release 20.6.1

VisionLib Release 20.6.1 is now available. Focusing once more on HoloLens, it adds a significant performance boost and brings AutoInit to the XR glasses.

VisionLib Release 20.3.1

VisionLib 20.3.1 is available now. It brings official HoloLens 2 and ARM support, bugfixes and improvements to AutoInit and Multi Object Tracking.

VisionLib Release 20.1.1

That’s new in Release 20.1.1 VisionLib Release 20.1.1 is now available at The new year starts with a major VisionLib Release: it comes with optimization updates to Auto-Init and a full revision to VisionLib’s Android support, which brings ARCore Fusion. And, we’ve added a true highlight feature: Multi Model Tracking! Get VisionLib Introducing: Simultaneous, […]