Augmented Reality Tracking for Industrial Applications

VisionLib is a multi-platform tracking library designed for enterprise augmented reality applications.

Its model tracking technology integrates CAD with image processing to enable true 3D object tracking for mixed and augmented reality applications.

Augmented Reality Tracking for Industrial Applications

VisionLib is a multi-platform tracking library designed for enterprise augmented reality applications.

Its model tracking technology integrates CAD with image processing to enable true 3D object tracking for mixed and augmented reality applications.

Enterprise-Grade Object Tracking for AR & XR

VisionLib lays the foundation for a broad spectrum of augmented reality applications that demand high-performance object recognition and precise tracking.

It empowers enterprises, AR platforms, and developers to enhance the context: augmenting objects and seamlessly blending, overlaying, or pinning digital information into reality.

Deliver critical information in the context of work, guide where to focus next, or add visual information layers and spatial 3D graphics to the objects in reality.

Fast & Accurate AR Tracking with VisionLib’s Enhanced Model Tracking

Model tracking stands as the industry-leading technology for enterprise augmented reality, enabling the detection and tracking of objects without the limitations associated with SLAM feature-maps, which often don’t deliver on their promise.

VisionLib’s enhanced model tracking allows for the use of 3D models and CAD data to set up trackers, serving as perfect references for your physical 3D objects.
This approach not only solves common AR challenges such as poor lighting conditions, dynamic scenes, low-textured or moving objects, but also simplifies the setup of tracking configurations by eliminating the need for prior preparation or pre-registration steps.

With VisionLib’s enhanced model tracking, AR is ready to scale.

Highlight Features

Precise & Reliably Robust – Unlike Many Others

Precision, to augment information right on point. Reliably robust, to overcome typical tracking challenges, such as changing lights and dynamic scenes: tracking on an industrial scale.

Object Detection, 360° From Any Angle

AutoInit enables 360-degree object detection from various angles and enhances model tracking with AI: it eliminates the need for an initial pose to start tracking. Now, objects can be tracked from any side, instantly and immediately.

Multi-Object Tracking – Separately, Yet Together

Multi-model tracking lets you simultaneously track of multiple objects separately. This means that as you move these objects freely in different directions, VisionLib continues to track them once detected.

Advanced Industrial Tracking Features

Multi-view offers (multi) camera-assisted real-time measurements of physical objects based on their digital 3D data. Whether it’s angles, points, or lines – expect up to sub-millimeter accuracy. Learn more about our control services.

Application Areas

AR-Enhanced Maintenance & Training

Hands-free, AR-enhanced maintenance and training cases with HoloLens 2 and VisionLib provide persistent augmented information layers during work.

VisionLib’s model tracking allows HoloLens 2 to automatically register and track objects, pinning information precisely where needed.

AR-enhanced Object-to-Object Measurements

A core functionality in production and engineering, now enhanced with AR: measuring the distance between two objects using just a monocular camera.

CAD-based and in real-time, VisionLib’s multi-model tracking enables AR-enhanced measurement and inspection cases.

AR-enhanced Inspections with Digital Twins

Mobile, handheld inspections powered by augmented reality facilitate the detailed examination and verification of desired versus actual construction states, identifying inconsistencies, missing or wrongly installed parts right from the prototyping phase.

Model tracking supports these scenarios where visualization and tracking data can change on the fly.

What Our Customers Say

For Developers

Get the SDK and a trial license for Unity and start developing immediately.

Tracking Demo

Test VisionLib without the need for coding by trying out our demo app.

For Businesses

Discover how to successfully implement AR to fulfill your business needs. Benefit from our expertise and technology. Get in touch.

»XR Made With VisionLib« – Featured Customer Cases

VisionLib in action: get inspired through customer cases. We are both impressed and honored to witness what our partners and clients have created using VisionLib.

Case Study by Atelier Markgraph

Spatial Stories & Enhanced Product Experiences

Augmented products, augmented configurations, augmented possibilities:

Atelier Markgraph showcases enhanced product experiences during their impressive spatial communication events, presenting Daimler’s EQC in a new light:

to highlight the novel powertrain technology, explain vehicle benefits, or explore the various purchase options.

Case Study by Daimler Protics

AR in Production, Training and Marketing at Daimler

Daimler’s IT powerhouse, Daimler Protics, leverages augmented and mixed reality on mobile devices and HoloLens for automotive production, training, and marketing.

Powered by VisionLib tracking, Protics provided deep insights into the challenges they encountered and the solutions that facilitated mixed reality implementation at Unite 2019.

Case Case by Attenio

AR Assembly Service for Plant Engineering

Attenio’s ioPro aims at nothing less than to revolutionize assembly and service in plant engineering. Committed to optimizing and digitally transforming production and service processes in alignment with Industry 4.0 principles, they focus on software solutions that benefit mechanics and service technicians in mechanical engineering. Powered by VisionLib’s model tracking.

More Cases on Youtube

More Inspiration: VisionLib in Tech & Applications

From tech demos and essential use cases to showcasing what our partners and customers have created using VisionLib: AR has arrived at the heart of industries and the potential is boundless. Discover its applications.

New to XR Tracking?

VisionLib's Model Tracking Is a Key Enabler for Enterprise AR ...

… and with good reason: it facilitates object tracking on an industrial scale, offering fast, accurate, and reliable tracking for augmented reality business applications.

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