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With AR Tracking SDK VisionLib and Quality Control Platform Twyn we offer industrial AR solutions to help companies with their digital transformation.

We’re Pioneers For AR / XR Technology & Solutions

Founded in 2017, Visometry is a German pioneer in Industrial Augmented Reality (AR). The company was born as a Fraunhofer IGD spin-off and is a provider of AR solutions.

Since years, Visometry’s leading Computer Vision technologies set standards in enterprise AR, supporting companies in digital transformation to optimize processes or to reduce costs, while guaranteeing innovation and quality.

The company offers industrial AR SDK VisionLib for high-performance object tracking and Twyn, a turnkey solution for AR-enhanced visual quality inspection. Both solutions are known for their accuracy and reliability in industrial applications.

Enterprises, developers and AR/XR service providers rely on the team’s AR expertise for key applications in production & manufacturing, quality control, marketing & communication.

Passionate XR Developers & Experienced Business Experts.

Industry-Ready XR Technology – Tailored for Daily Use.

Computer Vision technologies are at the heart of any AR and a critical factor in its success. Like AR itself, it’s a constantly evolving field. We’re participating in industry and funded projects that enable us to continuously improve, taking AR to the next level – carefully listening to industry needs.

We’re extending AR in a way that customers not only get leading tracking just for visualization purposes, but benefit from a visual recognition of what is changing in reality, in real time – Making AR solutions from headworn to hand held devices vigilant companions in many business routines.

Work & Life at Visometry

Backers, Business Partners & Clients (Some)


Since AR’s early days, our team has been participating in uncountable R&D and publicly-funded projects, has been engaged in a dozen of applied research projects, partnering with top-tier industries, counselled working groups and gained competencies in both, core & applied research for  industrial application.

ISMAR & Volkswagen Tracking Challenges

Creative technologists by heart, who like to push boundaries, we’re most proud we could win the so called Tracking Challenge several times in enterprise-critical areas like:

  • Tracking with High Accuracy 
  • Tracking at Close Range
  • Tracking of Moving Objects
  • Tracking in an Unknown Area

Being the leading contest at that time, set out to find the best in class on a variety of tracking objectives – accuracy & precision, or performance & speed. Back then, competition was none other than Metaio (acquired by Apple), and Vuforia, who was with Qualcomm before it got acquired by PTC.


As a company in its scale up phase, pitching products and ideas is part of the business. And we embrace it as chance to promote our work as we believe in its benefits for clients and partners.

We are delighted by the many awards, team and work have received by a jury of experts and from the community. Among them are:

2022 – “Vision StartUp 2022” award of the eponymous industry trade show event. Read the news article here.

2022 – “InVision Top Innovation 2022” award of the eponymous industry magazine for industrial image processing and quality assurance. Read the news article here.

2018 – Fraunhofer Gründerpreis. Jury award, endowed with 5000 EUR.

2013 – 2015 – First Place at VW Tracking Challenge, multiple times in a row honoured for VisionLib’s tracking reliability & accuracy

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