Smart Industrial Quality Check Solution

Visometry Twyn’s augmented visual overlays provide an intuitive and effective means of comparing the current status with the planned status. Thanks to its design and features, Twyn is perfectly suited for various industrial applications. Especially at the start of the production process, it enables manufacturers to easily identify deviations and prevent costly downtime and rework.

Streamline Your Production Life Cycle

Twyn is the ideal solution for a variety of industrial quality check applications, enabling manufacturers to enhance the overall production life cycle. Here are some of the most relevant areas:

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First Article Inspection

Deviations from product specifications and faulty machining can result in delays, failures, and costly returns.

Twyn can systematically inspect components according to specific plans before they go into mass production. Defined checklists enable the digital documentation of inspection results and part conformity. This ensures that a new or modified manufacturing process consistently produces parts that meet requirements.


Tools for efficient part processing and assembly are crucial in industrial manufacturing. They ensure that components are produced to specified requirements. Often custom-made, they are complex and expensive to create and need to be optimized through multiple iterations before the final tools can be built.

Twyn’s flexibility and the ability to virtually simulate various configurations in AR streamline these processes digitally, significantly reducing the number of required iterations.

Assembly Check

AR and Twyn enable inspectors to digitally verify whether add-on parts are complete or whether engineering design drafts will fit into an assembly.

They can identify errors before proceeding to the next production stages, preventing costly delays, downtime, and rework. In addition, different variants can be evaluated without the need to create physical prototypes, saving companies both time and materials.

Get inspections done faster.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

Outgoing & Incoming Inspection

Efficient quality inspection with Twyn optimizes cross-company collaboration, guaranteeing that manufactured components comply with CAD specifications before they are shipped (outgoing inspection).

Likewise, organizations can promptly identify parts from suppliers that do not align with CAD specifications (incoming inspection). Production errors are thus detected at an early stage.

Large Part On-Site Inspection

With Twyn, operators can perform quality inspections at any location, right where components are manufactured or stored.

This capability is particularly crucial for large parts and components, as they cannot be easily transported to measurement rooms or test areas or inspected using fixed inspection solutions.

Quality Gates in »Manufacturing to Order«

Twyn’s ability to verify parts against their CAD specifications simplifies the establishment of quality gates throughout the production process.

This helps identify errors as they arise, preventing costly downtimes and rework.

Get inspections done faster.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

Body-in-White Construction

Twyn is used to verify that car body frames have all their geometric features, including welding points and studs, correctly positioned.

This step is critical and serves as a prerequisite for the seamless integration of trims (e.g. door locks and handles, electronic components, and seats), chassis sub-assemblies, and the engine.

Jig and Fixture Construction

Jigs and fixtures are essential tools for establishing manufacturing, requiring precise positioning and alignment to facilitate reliable machining.

Twyn streamlines this process by allowing real-time, digital verification and adjustment of alignments. This way companies can avoid costly errors and rework during machining operations.

Product Design and Development

Twyn facilitates both the visualization and assessment of ideas and prototypes before they become final products.

This enables manufacturers to minimize unnecessary iterations, saving both time and money associated with producing physical prototypes and products.

Maintenance and Repair

Twyn is used to support various maintenance practices and audit requirements aimed at keeping equipment, devices, and machinery operational.

By comparing the target state with the actual state, it is possible to directly and intuitively identify errors for repair, replacement, and servicing.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

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