Smart Industrial Quality Check Solution

Visometry Twyn’s augmented visual overlays are an intuitive and effective way to compare the as-is against the as-planned status. Thanks to its design and features, Twyn is perfectly suited for several industrial applications.
Particularly at the beginning of the production process, it easily allows manufacturers to identify deviations and avoid costly downtime and rework.

Streamline Your Production Life-Cycle

Twyn is the ideal solution for a variety of industrial quality check applications that enable to improve the overall production life-cycle.

Here below are some of the most relevant areas:

Get inspections done faster.

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First Article Inspection

Deviations from product specifications and faulty machining may lead to delays, failures, and expensive returns.

With Twyn, components can be systematically inspected according to specific proof plans before they go into mass production. Defined check lists enable to digitally document the results of the inspections and the parts’ conformity.

This ensures that a new or modified production process always produces parts meeting manufacturing requirements and that components can be processed properly.


Tools for efficient processing and assembly of parts and components are essential to industrial production, ensuring parts are produced and processed to defined requirements. Often custom-made, they are complex and expensive to create and optimized within several runs, until the actual tool can be built.

With virtual fitting , Twyn enables this process to be accelerated by comparing prototypes against their digital twins.

Assembly Check

Twyn allows you to digitally verify with Augmented Reality whether add-on parts are complete or whether engineering design drafts will fit into an assembly.

Check the assembly status and find errors before next production stages are started. This way you can avoid costly downtimes and reworks.

Furthermore, you can evaluate different variants without the need of creating physical prototypes first. This allows you to save time and material.

Get inspections done faster.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

Incoming Goods Inspection

Innumerable manufacturers work with a large number of different suppliers and their parts have to meet manufacturing specifications.

With Twyn, components can be inspected at the incoming goods reception, or, even better, directly on site where they are produced.

Whats more, Twyn is also very well suited to have inspections performed by your suppliers.

Large Part On-Site Inspection

With Twyn you can perform flexible and mobile quality inspections at any location, directly where components are produced or stored.

This becomes critical when you have large parts and components because you cannot easily bring them to the measurement rooms and test areas or check them with other fixed inspection solutions.

Twyn helps with powerful inspection features, like the magnifier, to detail important subparts during inspections.

Quality Gates in »Manufacturing to Order«

With Twyn’s fast capabilities to verify produced parts according to their CAD specification, it becomes easy to build more quality gates into the production process – with positive impact on production costs.

Because there is nothing more important than finding defects as soon as they happen to avoid repair- and other follow-up costs.

Get inspections done faster.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

Body-in-White Construction

Twyn is the ideal quality tool when you need to verify that car body frames have all their geometrical features such as welding points and studs in their right places. This is a critical step and prerequisite in order to properly integrate trims (e.g. door locks and handles, electronics components and seats), chassis sub-assemblies and the engine.

Jig and Fixture Construction

Jigs and Fixtures are essential tools for establishing reliable manufacturing. They need to be properly positioned and aligned to support reliable machining. Twyn facilitates and speeds these processes because alignment can be verified and adjusted in real time. This way companies can avoid costly errors or rework during machining operations.

Product Design and Development

Twyn is perfectly suited to support both the visualization and evaluation of ideas and prototypes before turning them into final products. It allows manufacturers to avoid unnecessary reiterations and save the time and money linked to the production of physical prototypes and products.

Maintenance and Repair

Twyn is used to support different maintenance practices and audit requirements to keep equipment, devices and machinery operational: the comparison of as-planned and as-is with AR enables direct and intuitive error localization for repair, replacing and servicing.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.