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Industrial visual quality inspection with AR

Visualizing defects in real-time with Twyn allows companies across various industries to ensure product quality, optimize production and assembly processes, avoid human errors, reduce rework and transportation costs, and – most importantly – guarantee customer satisfaction.

Get inspections done faster.

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Maximum transparency and traceability

Twyn and AR help organizations promptly identify production mistakes and digitally share inspection results with other departments or external suppliers, ensuring maximum transparency and traceability.

Accelerated part assessment

Twyn accelerates part assessment, enabling you to quickly decide whether a component requires a time-consuming 3D measurement evaluation or if it can be released directly to the next production phase.


Twyn is the ideal quality assurance solution for companies that produce or receive large metal parts for railway wagons and locomotives. It ensures these parts are manufactured correctly before delivery or assembly.

It helps train manufacturers check if multiple components, such as brackets and supports, have been welded precisely. It also easily verifies whether parts are in their correct positions as defined in the CAD specifications.

Twyn’s tracking cache allows users to initiate tracking seamlessly, even in complex scenarios. The automated process generation and part inspection features enable highly efficient project setup and implementation. This makes the solution perfectly suited for verifying large and complex parts right on-site. Operators can quickly identify any deviations directly on the production line. This capability is particularly crucial in the production of rolling stock, as parts cannot easily be moved.

With the help of Twyn and AR, manufacturers can identify errors before proceeding to the next production stages, preventing costly delays, downtime, and rework. Detecting mispositioned or missing components in the late stages of the train manufacturing process can result in significant costs.


Fast manufacturing and assembly, fewer resources, convenience – these are the challenges that automotive manufacturers face every day. With the support of Twyn and AR, quality processes are quick, efficient, and seamlessly integrated throughout the entire production life cycle: from design to prototyping, from production to assembly.

Twyn enables fast and flexible mobile inspection and real-time documentation to ensure quality at all times. Typical automotive applications include the verification of bolts, studs, and welding spots, body-in-white inspection, joining element inspection, toolmaking, and jig and fixture construction.

Twyn provides an overview of the current production status at any time (assembly check) for both the engine and the body.

Furthermore, parts delivered by suppliers, which can also present many variances, can be easily checked on site, streamlining the entire incoming goods inspection process.

What’s more, CAD models in Twyn serve as a digital template, replacing previous analog and paper documentation. This digitally transforms the entire manufacturing process and facilitates easier handling for employees.

Agriculture machinery

Twyn is perfectly suited for agricultural machinery manufacturing because parts and components often present many similar variances.

Farming machinery manufacturers often rely on suppliers to provide large parts and components, such as chassis for transport and harvesting technology that need further assembly.

Twyn streamlines the incoming quality inspection process. It not only improves product quality but also optimizes logistics, as operators can perform inspections right where the components are delivered. This is particularly valuable since many large parts need to be stored outdoors or in separate receiving areas.

Moreover, the production of farming machinery is highly affected by seasonality, with the risk of paying contractual penalties if machines are not delivered on time. AR with Twyn is the ideal tool to avoid costly delays.

Operators compare complex components against 3D data, avoiding costly errors in subsequent production phases. Identifying mistakes in the early stages of manufacturing also allows companies to reduce transport costs.

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Land and heavy machinery construction

Land and heavy equipment assemblies often consist of individually manufactured parts and components tailored to various customer-specific requirements. The manufacturing process still involves a lot of manual work, which Twyn and augmented reality can effectively support by verifying all specific production steps.

AR and Twyn are ideal for checking welded parts, such as cabins and chassis, streamlining both the incoming goods and outgoing inspection processes. Additionally, Twyn enables you to document each phase and share your inspection reports with other departments.


Welding is critical in many industries, such as railway, aerospace, and automotive. Checking parts and components during all production steps often becomes necessary, as each step presents specific and different challenges. Moreover, it is crucial to check quality quickly during all phases to avoid costly downtimes.

Twyn is the right tool for companies aiming for 100% quality checks and a zero-defects strategy. Reworks are very expensive, but with AR-based visual quality inspection, they can be avoided.


In toolmaking, suppliers often provide polystyrene models for casting the raw cast body and the milled raw cast body, which are then assembled by OEMs or toolmakers. The incoming and outgoing goods inspections are usually carried out using drawings or simple checklists, which require a significant investment of time and resources.

Twyn enables a direct comparison of the manufactured component with the CAD model, allowing immediate identification of deviations from project data. Nonconformities can be documented on site with photos or videos. Customized and branded reports can be easily exported and shared with suppliers.

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Our Customers Say

Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH & Co. KG

But what really impressed us was that Twyn enabled us to perform checks that were unrealizable until now: Because Twyn is entirely mobile, running on a tablet, our engineers can now bring the inspection to assemblies, not the other way around.
A. Audick
Quality Engineer, Krone

Chropynska Slovakia

With Twyn, we are optimistic about the future. The solution allows us to further enhance our production processes while maintaining the high quality of our products.
Kristína Uhrínová
Quality Manager, Chropynska Slovakia