Verify Quality Faster. Directly on the Production Floor.

Visometry’s Twyn is an intuitive, mobile AR platform for visual quality inspection.
Efficiently and effectively, Twyn helps manufacturers meet production requirements and maintain consistently high quality standards.

Visual Quality Inspection –
Through Augmented Reality & Digital Twins

Perform visual quality inspections with Twyn – quickly, easily, and efficiently, assisted by a digital workflow, with reduced setup times.

The powerful software platform for augmented reality-enhanced quality control allows manufacturers to verify quality in real time and directly on site, wherever parts are placed.

Immediately see if a part has its geometric features exactly where they are supposed to be, if an assembly has missing parts, and if components are properly assembled and are exactly in their right position.


Twyn is the ideal solution for a variety of industrial quality check applications that enable improvement throughout the entire production life cycle.

Explore the most relevant areas and discover how you can benefit from Twyn:


Perform visual target/actual comparisons with augmented reality.

Benefit from automatic object registration and deviation detection, powerful visualization tools, efficient and intuitive workflows, and various documentation and reporting features.

Explore Twyn’s leading-edge features and their benefits:

Gain Quality.
Gain Value.

Enhance the value of quality control: Prevent downtime and costly rework by performing inspections at a faster pace compared to traditional scanning or measuring solutions.

Explore the value of quality inspection with Twyn.

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Our Customers Say

Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH & Co. KG

"But what really impressed us was that Twyn enabled us to perform checks that were unrealizable until now: Because Twyn is entirely mobile, running on a tablet, our engineers can now bring the inspection to assemblies, not the other way around."
A. Audick
Quality Engineer, Krone

Chropynska Slovakia

"With Twyn, we are optimistic about the future. The solution allows us to further enhance our production processes while maintaining the high quality of our products."
Kristína Uhrínová
Quality Manager, Chropynska Slovakia

Twyn Studio & Twyn View

A Powerful Software Platform for Augmented Reality-Enhanced Quality Inspections

Twyn empowers quality-related inspections and takes them to the next level. With intuitive and efficient workflows, the combination of Studio & View makes the setup of AR-enhanced inspections and their execution as easy as can be.

Twyn Studio Is an Engineer’s Comprehensive Desktop Tool for Setting Up Inspection Cases

Utilizing 3D CAD data, Twyn Studio enables engineers to design and edit inspection routines and AR-related assets, which can then be effortlessly deployed to Twyn View.

The concise GUI streamlines the workflow into comprehensive steps, from data import and optimization to defining inspection areas.

Twyn View Turns iOS Tablets Into Powerful Mobile Inspection Tools

Once created in Twyn Studio, simply load and run the inspection project on mobile devices.

Experience automatic object registration and precisely aligned visual augmentations that allow for comparing manufactured items against their CAD specification and digital twin – all by capturing real-world objects through the camera.

Take advantage of computer vision-assisted inspection that enables checking items for existence, accurate positioning, and general conformity.

Industrial AR

With Twyn, engaging with augmented reality at the enterprise level is swift and effortless, requiring no in-depth knowledge. Set up and use AR with just a few clicks. Codeless. Drag and drop style. Enterprise AR made easy.

Leading computer vision & AR technology: Twyn employs object detection powered by Visometry’s VisionLib Engine. The tracking SDK serves as the foundation for a broad spectrum of augmented reality applications demanding high-performance object recognition and precise tracking.

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