Our Amazing Team.

We are deeply honored and delighted to work with such skilled and dedicated people who put all their motivation, spirit, and passion into every bit of their work.

Simply put, a team you can count on – at work and on any other occasion.

Founders & Management Team

Harald Wuest

Founder, CEO

As one of the co-inventors of core AR algorithms, including model tracking, Harald is not only an AR expert but also a strategic and analytical mind. He demonstrated leadership as the department’s deputy head at his former employer Fraunhofer. With his talent for maintaining a clear focus, he effectively manages the team across both breadth and in-depth levels.

Harald is one of our two Managing Directors.

Timo Engelke


With his urge to get hands-on with technological innovation, Timo is a progressive mind aiming for great solutions people can use – a spirit that drives all our products and developments. Strong in conception, Timo has led several core developments at his former employer Fraunhofer.

Timo is one of our two Managing Directors.

Uli Bockholt

CSO, Business Development

Uli is both, a strategic and creative mind who quickly anticipates challenges and opportunities, developing a deep understanding of a customer’s or partner’s needs. With this talent, he coordinates our sales and business development. Before Visometry, he headed the department Virtual & Augmented Reality at Fraunhofer for more than a decade.

Michael Schmitt


Michael excels in structuring and organizing key objectives, and he is one of the few capable of managing and coordinating them on both a meta and meso level – always keeping the goal in focus. Above all, he is an exceptional talent in technology and software architecture, navigating seamlessly across all levels between customer needs, development, and management to get things done.

Jens Keil

FOUNDER, Customer & Product Experience

With his background in interaction and user experience design, Jens is an advocate for the user’s perspective, favoring added value and elegant use. As a ›creative coder‹ he combines conception with a hands-on mentality, bringing all his knowledge into shaping our products and brands.

Alberto Castiglioni

Head of Marketing

With a clear focus, Alberto is a master communicator who not only enjoys putting our solutions in perspective but also appreciates engaging with customers and partners. As the Head of Marketing and Communications, he lends his experience, know-how, and passion to develop and implement creative processes, strategies, and programs.

Folker Wientapper


Folker has a talent for algorithms and mathematics, coupled with extensive experience in computer vision. He is an intriguing analytical mind, adept at structuring and resolving even the most complex problems. As a deep-tech expert, he solves hard-notch tracking matters that enable our products to tackle the most central industrial objectives.


Working as a team. Putting dedication and passion into everything we do. Treating people like adults. Embracing the richness in diversity. Respecting the people we work with, both inside and outside our company – these are integral to what makes working at and with Visometry special. Here are more of the values that make us who we are.

We enjoy our work. Even complex challenges do not discourage us.

We value close relationships with our customers and partners. We stay close to what’s important to them, contribute our expertise, and create solutions that move our customers forward.

We foster a family-friendly working atmosphere, respecting time constraints, workload limits, and each other.

We encourage to give and receive criticism. Every opinion is important.

We support each other. We share our knowledge. For us, (a positive ;-)) company culture is a key to success.

Everyone contributes with their individual strengths.

We never stop learning to improve our knowledge and experience. Both soft skills and hard skills are important.

Work & Life At Visometry

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