Hoops Visualize Integration with VisionLib

With the integration of VisionLib and Hoops Visualize, we show that developers can use this graphics engine for developing high-performance industrial applications, to open more ways for VisionLib-based development of XR apps for demanding engineering purposes.

Made With VisionLib: SevenD shows AR Wizard for Porsche At StartUp Autobahn

Porsche, which sees “innovation meets tradition” as part of its core values, took once again the opportunity in 2021 to present innovative technologies and solutions in the “StartUp” Autobahn format. One of the cooperating StartUps of the “Expo 10” batch is SevenD. The German agency specialised in the development of mobile experiences and apps, used […]

How Twyn helps ensure quality faster while increasing sustainability in the process

Recap from our Expo at Impact Festival 2021 Mid-September 2021 we were at Impact Festival in Offenbach am Main, a high profiled get-together on sustainability and everything else related to transforming industries towards a greener economy. And, we had a blast. While developing Twyn, our software-platform for AR-enhanced quality inspections, we had not anticipated the […]

XR Week

XR Week happens from May 17 to 21, 2021. Join our Session on May 19, 9am (CEST) when we introduce how to successfully implement VisionLib and Twyn in manufacturing processes.

Easier Development with Image Sequences as Tracking Input

By using image sequences as input sources, instead of live camera input, AR development gets a whole lot easier. VisionLib supports this since day-one. Here is how you can use it to ease your development. Corona struck private and business life, forcing a majority of the latter to temporarily shutdown, and eventually making (business) traveling […]

Enterprise #AR Solutions at #HM21

Join us at virtual event #HM21 when we introduce our new #AR solutions at one of the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology.