Twyn Press Release & Product Introduction

Last week we’ve introduced our new product Twyn, in time with Hanover Messe, one of the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology.

Twyn is our novel mobile inspection system that uses augmented reality for a digitalized and highly efficient quality inspection of incoming parts and assemblies. It turns tablets into precise mobile inspection tools and enables teh comparison of real objects against their CAD specification.

Watch our CPO Dr. Harald Wuest introduce Twyn at Hannover Messe (German w/ English subtitles).

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Getting Quality right. Faster. All Mobile.

“But what really impressed us was that Twyn enables us to perform checks unrealizable so far:  Because Twyn is all mobile running on a tablet, our engineers can now bring the inspection to (even very big) assemblies, not the other way around”

— A. Audick, quality engineer at Krone.

Twyn automatically registers and tracks inspected objects to compare the as-is situation against the as-planned digital twin, through precise augmented reality overlays. In doing so, the system helps to find deviations faster than ever before and allows you to check more parts in less time.

These benefits prove themselves valuable particularly at the beginning of the production process, because downtimes can be avoided by finding errors at an early stage. Using Twyn, all parts, not just samples, can be backed up to reduce scrap, rework and costly recalls.

Since almost a year now, Twyn is already in regular use by pilot customers. One of them is the agricultural machinery manufacturer Krone. With highly complex products and numerous configuration variants, Krone uses Twyn to improve quality inspection and to reduce complexities of the inspection process.

Want to learn more on how Krone uses Twyn and their thoughts? Then catch up and read the full press release: