Made With VisionLib: SevenD shows AR Wizard for Porsche At StartUp Autobahn

Porsche, which sees “innovation meets tradition” as part of its core values, took once again the opportunity in 2021 to present innovative technologies and solutions in the “StartUp” Autobahn format.

One of the cooperating StartUps of the “Expo 10” batch is SevenD. The German agency specialised in the development of mobile experiences and apps, used VisionLib to create an Augmented Reality Wizard App for Porsche’s Taycan.

The all-electric Porsche Taycan served as the test object to showcase AR’s capabilities and benefits in After Sales and Retail. Mark Siller from SevenD: “The Porsche Taycan is the electric car that everyone wants right now, and we’re lucky to be able to develop the proof-of-concept together with Porsche on this vehicle. That’s been incredibly fun”.

SevenD has been using VisionLib for a while now as its object tracking enabled the company to incorporate Taycan into their AR experience. The SDK’s reliable object tracking and the stable tracking of the shiny surface of the sports car were particularly important in order to be able to develop the app.

The full article, including videos of the AR experience, can be found here:

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