Joint Talk with SAP on Object Tracking, Smart Factory Assets and the XR Cloud.

On October 1, SAP Research and VisionLib joined forces at the VR/AR Global Summit ONLINE event to present how future asset related use cases for quality inspection, maintenance and service will be executed with VisionLib’s object tracking and the XR Cloud by SAP.

In SAP’s XR Cloud Factory Assets become Smart Assets in the future. They are smart, because they contain scripting logic to interact with other (smart) Assets or to retrieve and exchange data in real time to SAP systems.

Using Augmented and Mixed Reality for service, maintenance and quality inspections, Smart Assets and object tracking allow to augment digital twin information directly to the physical counterpart, for users to get “in context” access of real-time enterprise information and transactions.



The online conference starts September 30 and runs until October 2. More details about our joint talk and the schedule are coming soon.


Join us now and register for the event here.