Late Summer Team Hike

How time flies: With all the work going on, in the office and remotely, we took advantage of the nice weather almost two weeks ago and spent a lovely afternoon hiking and talking in the fresh air. 

After weeks of intensive work on various milestones and releases, where a lot of communication took place via video calls only, this was a welcome break from the day-to-day business. Because between all that is to discuss, there is often not so much time to chat about private, funny and “useful useless” things (… if you ask us, these are often the conversations where you come together as a team and can get really creative 😉).

With so many colleagues working mostly remotely these days, it’s particularly nice to have smaller, but more frequent events to meet and spend time together in person.

The social program included a little sightseeing of the castle ruins of the Auerbach Castle on the Bergstrasse and a dinner together. Thanks to blue skies and sunny weather, we had the perfect view on Bensheim an its surroundings from the castle’s north tower.


At the “pit stop” we finally had the opportunity to uncork our prize of the last “Vision” trade show in 2021, where we got awarded as “Start-Up of the Day” – along with a XL sparkling wine bottle. 


To all team members who were unable to attend, don’t worry: last week we were happy to receive another Vision award, this time even as “Vision Start-Up 2022”. The new XL bottle we received along with the award will be uncorked during our next social event. #team #culture #socialevents


Thanks to the team for the nice trip and for their #amazing #work. #Best #team #ever. Here are some impression of our beautiful autumn hike:


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