X-Mas Update of VisionLib Demo App

Update of our Demo app available. Get it here: visionlib.com/demo.

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For the festive season comes an update of our demo app. Besides the well-known ›Mini Fold Car‹, it now supports our Visometry cup, which is one of our trade show giveaways.

The cup comes with some Christmas, thanks to AR. Can you find Santa? Just collect all the snowflakes …

Don’t got the cup? No worries, there is a d-i-y- fold sheet on the website as a cup substitute to build a demo object.

About the App

The demo app lets you try VisionLib’s AR/XR object tracking without coding. Once you install the app, you can test tracking using paper-crafted do-it-yourself objects. This app illustrates the SDK’s tracking capabilities right away. Swipe through the demo app and dive into several augmented views for the two predefined objects.