Twyn at Impact Festival

We’re participating at Impact Festival in Offenbach am Main, a local event in Hessen, Germany.

The festival is a high profiled get-together on sustainability and on how to transform industries to walk towards greener economy and living.

We’re delighted to present how Twyn, our software-platform for AR-enhanced quality inspections, adds to greener productions in ways we had not imagined, when we started:

Countless parts that do not pass quality inspection are shipped back and forth between supplier and manufacturer: Because Twyn enables to inspect supplier parts before they get actually shipped, the inspection platform helps minimize unnecessary transportations, improving the carbon footprint.

Of course, there are more ways in which Twyn helps with sustainability, which we will show more in-depth at the event.
See you there!

About the Event

When: September 16-17, 2021

Where: Fredenhagen, Offenbach am Main, Germany

Event Page: https://impact-festival.earth/

Event Details

Learn more about our industrial AR technology and solutions, VisionLib & Twyn:

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