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Visual Quality Inspection for Automotive Manufacturing – With Augmented Reality, CAD & Twyn

Why use augmented reality for quality inspections?

It's mobile, fast, and intuitive – perfect for reliable and convenient inspections

Visual quality inspection with AR and Twyn has found its way into the automotive industry for good reasons:

Interactive target/actual comparison:
Through AR overlays on a tablet, operators can easily match manufactured items against their CAD.

AR superimposes CAD specifications directly on manufactured items, allowing inspectors to visually verify if parts deviate from their CAD models or if they are properly produced.

Easily create inspection plans and perform inspections in real time, regardless of where parts are produced or stored.


This method is fast, intuitive, and convenient for checking if:

  • Parts have their geometric features exactly where they should be
  • Assemblies have missing parts
  • Components are properly assembled
Reporting Twyn Optical Quality Inspection

Simplified and efficient processes: from inspection preparation to enhanced collaboration

Fast and flexible mobile inspection and real-time documentation to always ensure quality

Simply import your CAD data and Twyn is ready for inspection:

  • No 2D drawings or programming required
  • No hardware setup and markers are needed
  • Location independent – start inspection wherever your parts are stored

No metrology expertise or AR knowledge required:

  • Inspection steps and viewpoints guide users and speed up inspection routines
  • Operators can follow predefined inspection plans, checking predefined areas
  • Definition of inspection areas for streamlining recurring inspection routines
  • CAD models are optimized for on-site inspection, ensuring quick execution and a seamless user experience

Inspect and document results simultaneously:

  • Direct visualization of inspection results
  • Textual and visual annotations in real-time, on-site

Comprehensive reporting and sharing of results:

  • Customizable digital reports can be shared in multiple formats with internal departments and suppliers
  • Projects and reports can be shared across different IT platforms

Inspections based on CAD models

Minimum setup, focus on inspections

Twyn enables the preparation, simplification, and optimization of CAD structures for inspection routines without the need for any additional software.

This approach streamlines and accelerates quality checks even more, particularly for very complex parts.

CAD optimized for mobile devices: With minimal setup required, CAD data provided by Twyn is tailored for mobile use, allowing quality inspectors to immediately focus on their inspection tasks.

Inspection Points Realigned with Twyn Augmented Reality Software

Inspection plans: guided inspection with inspection viewpoints

Consistent procedures, results, and documentation

Twyn operators can follow predefined and detailed inspection plans, focusing on specified areas.

Twyn guides users with step-by-step instructions in the form of comprehensive checklists. Visual indicators mark and highlight points of interest with 3D pointers, aiding in the inspection of complex assemblies.

This ensures consistent procedures, results and uniform inspection documentation, regardless of the users’ experience levels.

Automatic, real-time tracking and registration

Fast yet accurate visual comparison

Localized through the tablet’s camera, Twyn automatically registers and tracks manufactured items.

Enabling fast yet accurate visual comparison, Twyn’s precise real-time object tracking is markerless, eliminating the need for additional setup or pre-preparation to analyze parts.

Real-time documentation and reporting

Comprehensive documentation of inspection data and customizable digital reports

Markups and annotations enhance traceability and facilitate communication between quality and production teams.

Branded and customizable reports, complete with dedicated pictures, can be exported in multiple formats, such as XLS, CSV, or PDF, and are easily shared with suppliers.

Save time and document results while performing inspections and benefit form comprehensive features:

  • Photo evidence, marks, and notes
  • Spatial documentation of findings
  • Classification and deviation characteristics

Real-world applications

Body in White Inspection Points in Twyn AR Solution

Body-in-white inspection

Proper integration of trims and other components

With Twyn, you can easily ensure that all features of the body frame are correctly positioned.

This is crucial for the proper integration of trims and other components, such as door locks and handles, electronic components, seats, chassis, subassemblies, and the engine.

With Twyn, you can verify features for:

  • Location
  • Orientation
  • Existence
  • Amount
Verify Bolts, Studs & Welding Spots via AR Image Processing

Verify bolts, studs, and welding spots

Get support through automated verification through image processing

With Twyn, performing complex and recurring checks becomes easier and faster, ensuring that all features of assemblies, including welding points, bolts, and studs, are correctly positioned.

Additionally, AR facilitates the automated import and creation of inspection points.

All details needed for inspections are automatically generated, saving time during both the setup and actual inspection sessions.
AR also enhances sampling and inspection rates, accelerating recurring inspections.


Check automotive production equipment with AR

Tools for efficient machining and assembly of parts are essential for industrial manufacturing, ensuring that components are manufactured according to specified requirements.

  • Twyn and AR are ideal for testing custom designs and solutions
  • AR digitally supports the entire tool creation process, facilitating multiple trials until the final tool is built

Jig and fixture construction

Check position, orientation, and alignment of many moving parts

Jigs and fixtures are important tools in manufacturing. They need proper positioning and alignment to ensure reliable machining operations.

Twyn enables real-time checking and adjustment of position and alignment.

  • AR prevents costly errors and rework during fixture deployment through a fast and interactive CAD-based inspection process
  • The digital process is location-independent, making it ideal for inspecting large fixtures

Incoming and outgoing inspections

Easy cross-company collaboration with suppliers

AR and Twyn streamline collaboration across organizations, allowing checks to ensure both manufactured and incoming parts meet their specifications.

  • Supplier companies can use AR to verify that their manufactured components meet specifications before shipping for further production or assembly (outgoing inspection).
  • Receiving companies can use AR to quickly identify incoming parts that do not meet specifications before proceeding to the next production or assembly stages (incoming goods inspection).

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