Konradin Quality Days

June 15

10:35 – 10:55 AM (CEST)



Online Webinar

Konradin Quality Days

Join us online at the “Quality Days” to get insights on the latest quality assurance trends and solutions. These “Days” are organized in two web sessions around two main subjects: “Optical Measurement Technology” (June 13) and “Automated Quality Assurance” (June 15).

Do you want to learn more about “Visual Quality Inspection for Industrial Manufacturing with Augmented Reality”? On June 15 at 10:35 AM, Visometry will hold a presentation about this topic!

With an overview of advantages and applications, we will demonstrate how augmented reality-based quality control in manufacturing speeds up and makes processes flexible – for companies, suppliers and partners.

Mobile inspection with AR digitally supports previously manual inspection tasks and accelerates processes where other traditional measurement methods are often used.

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