AWE USA 2023

May 31 - June 2


Booth 713


Santa Clara, USA

AWE 2023

Since 2010, AWE is a must-attend event for everyone, who’s interested in using AR, XR and VR for digital transformation. And this year is no different.

We will introduce the new releases of both our two solutions. For VisionLib, it’s the biggest update in years, with many changes that make it much easier for beginners and experts alike to get started with AR and tracking technologies.

What’s more, with new Twyn features, we show why AR has become a killer case for visual quality inspection – by superimposing CAD specs on their manufactured objects, and by automatically detecting deviations with the help of cameras and computer vision.

Join us at one of the XR industries important events. Watch our demos and connect to our XR experts on site. Learn more about our AR solutions VisionLib and Twyn.

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Event Details

Find Visometry at: Booth 713.
AWE USA 2023,
Santa Clara, USA .

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