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Visual Quality Inspection for Automotive – With Augmented Reality & Twyn

Why Augmented Reality for Quality Inspections?

It’s cost-effective, mobile, fast and intuitive – for reliable & accurate inspections.

How it works?

Through AR overlays on a tablet, you can easily match manufactured parts against their digital twins and visually identify any deviations from CAD.

Perform inspections in real time – regardless of where parts are produced or stored.

  • Simply import your CAD data and the solution is ready for inspection.
  • Neither metrology expertise nor AR knowledge are required.
  • Inspecting and document results at the same time.
  • Comprehensive reporting & result sharing.

Application Examples

Verify Bolts, Studs & Welding Spots via AR Image Processing

Body Frame Inspection

With Twyn, it is easier and faster to perform both complex and recurring checks to ensure that all geometric features of assemblies such as a body frame are in the right place – including welding points, bolts and studs.

What’s more, with AR you can virtually check assembly steps with ›Virtual Fitting‹ by simulating the assembly in AR.


Tools for efficient machining and assembly of parts are essential for industrial manufacturing, ensuring that components are manufactured according to specified requirements.

AR digitally supports the entire realization process, while performing several runs until the final tool is built.

Jig & Fixture Construction

Jigs and Fixtures are important tools in manufacturing. They need proper positioning and alignment to ensure reliable machining operations.

Twyn enables to check and adjust position, orientation and alignment in real time.

Incoming- & Outgoing Inspections

Supplier companies can check if their manufactured components meet specifications before they are shipped for further production or assembly stages (outgoing inspection).

Supplied companies can use AR to quickly identify incoming parts that don‘t respond to specifications before next production or assembly stages begin (incoming goods inspection).

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