Visometry debuts: faster and more intuitive Twyn 2.2

Darmstadt. Visometry, a leader in augmented reality innovation for industrial applications, showcased the latest update of their product, Twyn, at the international Control trade fair held in Stuttgart, Germany from April 23 to 26, 2024.

The mobile inspection system streamlines quality control for industrial uses cases through its simple tablet-based operation. With Twyn version 2.2, complex measurement tasks are now even more efficient and precise, thanks to an improved, user-friendly workflow.

Visometry at the Control 2024 trade fair.

Twyn, a Visometry solution, offers quality control officers an easier way to check and quickly pinpoint deviations in welding and other complex assemblies right on the production line. Leveraging computer vision and automatic object registration, the solution enables precise inspection by directly comparing real components with their digital twins and CAD specifications to ensure the conformity of all elements. The flexible AR technology empowers quality engineers to refine manufacturing and assembly processes, drastically cutting down on rework and transport costs.

The latest iteration, Twyn 2.2, brings new features that further optimize the usability and efficiency of the augmented reality tool.

The latest update, Twyn 2.2, brings new features that further optimize the usability and efficiency of the augmented reality tool.

Available in multiple languages

In addition to German and English, Twyn now supports eleven other languages. These include Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, and Czech. Users can select languages for both the user interface and reports, allowing for tailored language choices for both inspection and reporting purposes. This feature significantly streamlines collaboration across international locations.

Faster tracking initialization

Twyn 2.2 accelerates the initialization of tracking: Users can easily set anchor points during tracking, with saved cache settings automatically applied to subsequent sessions within the same project.

Enhanced CAD rendering

The updated system boasts superior contour visualizations, ensuring manufactured parts align more precisely with CAD designs. Even highly detailed structures are optimally displayed, rendering even the smallest deviations visible.

Automatic project creation

The latest update introduces the capability to automatically generate multiple projects from model files simultaneously. This advancement is particularly beneficial during incoming goods inspections, where verifying multiple product variants simultaneously is common.

“Our latest version of Twyn is a testament to our ongoing innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction,” states Visometry CEO Harald Wuest. “Enhanced visualizations, the automation of project creation, and support for multiple languages are just some of the advancements we’ve introduced over the past few months.” He adds, “At the Control trade fair, the feedback from both current and potential customers was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing great enthusiasm for the new capabilities.”

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