A Tool That Changes Quality Inspections

With augmented reality visual inspections, Visometry Twyn is changing the way how parts, components and assemblies are backed up for quality and suitability.

Visual Quality Inspection with AR

Twyn enables you to perform an easy and fast variance analysis with immediate results: you can match manufactured items against Digital Twins through AR overlays to see deviations between target and actual in real time.

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Interactive Variance Analysis in AR

Augmented Reality overlays precisely and reliably superimpose the CAD directly on the inspected object, giving access to 3D geometry data and additional details, such as production notes or material properties. This way deviations between target and actual become directly visible at the first sight.

Interactive Variance Analysis in AR

Augmented Reality precisely and reliably superimpose the CAD directly on the inspected object, giving also access to 3D geometry data and additional details, such as production notes or material properties. This way deviations between target and actual become directly visible.

Automatic, Real-Time Tracking & Registration

Localized through the tablet’s camera, Twyn automatically registers and tracks manufactured items: it supports accurate marker-less, real-time detection and tracking of inspected items, based on CAD models.

This is the basis for a fast yet accurate visual comparison, as neither pre-preparations nor markers needed to analyze parts.

Improved in 2.0

Automated Part Inspection

Exploiting the power of the tablet camera, vision-based automatic deviation detection assists users during inspections.

Thanks to this feature you can define precise and replicable inspection plans that are then executed on-site by operators, resulting in simplified and faster verification and classification processes. 

Users simply need to move and orient the tablet in the direction of the object to be checked and execute the predefined plan.

Completed inspection points are displayed in a different color and with result icons, so that outcomes are immediately visible and evident. Operators are interactively guided to points that still need to be checked. This allows them to complete their inspections quickly and accurately. What’s more, the risk of incomplete quality checks is drastically reduced.

Get inspections done faster.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

Optimized Workflow

Load the CAD model, set inspection start point, transfer to iPad – three clicks is all that is needed to start inspections.

The setup based on CAD twins, the automatic optical recognition, the fact that no markers or other object preparation are necessary, make it possible to use the system right away directly on site, with significant savings in terms of time and money.

Inspection Points for Complex Parts

Twyn’s spatial ›Inspection Points‹ allow you to pinpoint specific areas that require particular attention.

Rather than relying on a broad overview of the entire object, multiple features can be classified and aggregated. This ensures an accurate, intuitive and faster way to run inspections and track and document observations and results.

Interactive Zooming & Clipping

The Lens tool allows you to easily inspect large or complex objects, magnifying specific areas for a detailed inspection of small features or points that are difficult to reach.

Guided Inspection

In case of recurring inspections or complex inspection routines, Twyn supports and leads different users with step-by-step instructions in form of comprehensive checklists. 

That ensures consistent procedures, results and documentation, regardless of the users and their experience.

NEW in 2.0

»Pause & Resume«

Scheduling quality inspection sessions needs to be as flexible as possible.

With the new ›Pause and Resume‹ functionality, sessions can now be paused and resumed exactly where they were stopped, without any loss of information or negative impact on the data already captured – another important step in helping companies plan and execute their quality inspection activities in a way that is fully responsive to their organizational needs.

Inspection Viewpoints

Visual indicators mark and highlight points of interest with 3D pointers, facilitating the inspections of complex assemblies/machineries by guiding the users to critical features. This further ensures consistent results and uniform inspection documentation.

Get inspections done faster.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

Comprehensive Inspection Data

Twyn supports the complete documentation of quality check results: markups and annotations increase traceability and streamline the communication between quality, production, and construction teams. 

Furthermore, with a camera always in place, Twyn allows to create pictures of relevant features, underpinning efficient and comprehensive reporting.

Customizable, Digital Reports

Branded and customizable reports summarize inspection results. These can be exported in multiple formats, such as CSV or PDF, and easily shared – with your quality and production teams, but also with external suppliers. 

Flexible Import & Export – Wireless and Across Locations

Consistent up-to-date data for quality inspection projects across different locations is key to ensure team work efficiency.

Twyn Studio allows teams to work remotely and access a common database to share projects across different Twyn workstations – and avoid redundancy and duplications.

Inspection data can be exported from Twyn Studio and imported remotely into Twyn View, enabling seamless project transfer and consistent procedures across various locations.

You can share inspection results in different formats – such as Adobe PDF (with images), Microsoft Excel (with images) and CSV – on multiple platforms – including cloud, Microsoft Teams or Email.

With maximum flexibility different stakeholders can share data independently from their IT infrastructures, giving you full control over how you share your content.

Improved in 2.0

CAD Color Visualisation

A good CAD visualization is crucial to support unambiguous part inspection with AR.

CAD colors are now supported in both Twyn Studio and View, so that companies can always customize and choose the best possible visualization for their inspection processes and sessions.

Even during on-site sessions, specific colors can be selected for different parts, while contours are displayed with different colors, width and intensity.

For example, in an automotive assembly, components provided by different suppliers can be visualized and identified with specific colors, making it even easier to compare nominal data and manufactured parts.

Moreover, the use of CAD colors helps not only distinguish objects, but also link and share additional part information, such as material details.

Improved in 2.0

CAD Model Preparation in Twyn Studio

Because of complex CAD models, inspections can be time consuming, expensive and challenging, often requiring multiple software platforms.

Twyn allows to prepare, simplify and optimize CAD structures, eliminating all those details which are not relevant the inspection routines.

This streamlines and speeds up  the quality inspection – especially of very complex parts.

CAD data delivered by Twyn is optimized for mobile devices: minimum set-up time is required, and quality inspectors can immediately focus on their inspection tasks, because procedures are already optimized in Twyn Studio – without the need of any additional software.

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Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

Code Scanner

Twyn allows users to link parts to inspection procedures and documents based on their IDs.

Regardless of the user performing the quality check, by simply scanning the ID, the corresponding inspection process and proof plan are accessed and executed immediately.

Markup Tool

Users can markup and classify deviations/ aberrations and add annotations with a pen tool. 

This enables comprehensive reporting and improves the communication between the quality and the production teams.

Session Recordings

Operators can record images and sensory data during inspections and replay them off-sites on your computer. This way they can always analyze their inspections in detail without being tied to a specific location or time constraints.

3D Support

Twyn supports the standard and most relevant CAD formats used for industrial and manufacturing applications – without the need of a prior conversion. These include, for example, JT, STEP, IGES, FBX, GLTF and OBJ.

CAD Optimization and Visualization

A best-in-class CAD optimization algorithm prepares models for Augmented Reality automatically. This allows users to work with their original CAD files, without the need of additional compression, while perfectly supporting unambiguous and high qualitative rendering for industrial applications.

Codeless Augmented Reality

With Twyn operators can author quality inspection workflows without the need of a single line of code and easily define and process visual quality inspections without the need of being an AR expert.

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One Technology Partner

Visometry is in control of the complete technology stack.

From image processing (› VisionLib) for high performance detection and tracking, to our intuitive and out of the shelf quality software platform (› Twyn), you have one single partner to define and implement your entire quality inspection processes.

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