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More Efficient.

More Flexible.

More Intuitive.

Identify Errors Interactively and Efficiently

Thanks to AR you can immediately and interactively compare your parts with their specifications and intuitively highlight deviations from their CAD twins – at the first sight, using just a mobile device.

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Prevent Costly Downtimes and Reworks

Especially for companies with a large variety of product items and variants, inaccurate parts cause high risk for subsequent errors and significant additional costs.

Twyn points out defects immediately and intuitively and finds and highlights deviations from CAD more quickly than traditional scanning or measuring solutions. The risks of subsequent manufacturing errors and rework costs are drastically reduced. 

Check Your Parts. Wherever They Are!

With Twyn running on a tablet, inspections can be performed directly on site, instead of bringing heavy and bulky parts to measurement machines, quality inspection rooms or test benches.

You can inspect parts everywhere, at any time in the production cycle: whether incoming goods receipt, assembly or end of line.

Check Accurately – And Do It Fast

Twyn’s leading computer vision technology enables marker-less 3D model alignment to auto-register manufactured parts to CAD models.

This tremendously reduces the set-up and tooling time needed to prepare inspections: it only takes a couple of clicks to setup new procedures.

Improve Your Throughput

Reducing the inspection time leads to much higher inspection rates and allows you to verify more parts per day. 

Twyn is the right quality inspection platform solution for companies seeking for a 100%-part coverage.

Document Your Results and Make it Reproducible

Companies need to produce parts that meet tight specifications. 

With Twyn, you can easily create proof plans and digitally inspect products against their specific requirements, what guarantees conformity and consistency in production.

Keep it Simple: Intuitive Solution

Twyn enables simple and effective on-site part inspections and data sharing: no measurement expertise and no technical training are required.

Care for Resources and Environment

Countless parts that don’t pass quality assurance are shipped back and forth. Twyn reduces unnecessary transports and allows companies to save time and resources.

Get inspections done faster.

Start your free trial of Twyn and test the AR-powered inspection platform for 30 days.

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